Noob amuses me.

Posted by danblog on April 18, 2009 in Humor and funny crap!, Ranting |

Now, my MSN address is plastered all over the Internet on God knows how many forums, websites blog you name it; and often i have some er “special” people who add me and then just randomly pop up… like this guy. Offering web hosting to a web host, a web host which i might add […]

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YouTube ads which cover video thumbs?!

Posted by danblog on April 6, 2009 in Ranting, YouTube |

I really am blogging too much about YouTube… noticed this earlier where on the “Spotlight” (that’s the feature page for any one who understands logic) and they have a “promoted” video which was covering up half the thumb nails!! Now obviously this is because they changed the ad format size and added the box bit […]


YouTube: Intrusive Ads are NOT the way

Posted by danblog on April 4, 2009 in Ranting, YouTube |

So literally only a few minutes ago a massive advert appeared on the YouTube homepage. Couple this with the country/language localisation selection box which seems to be stuck to the page no matter what I do this massive add now means i have to scroll a full page to view homepage content. Now I am […]

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YouTube, Localisation… What’s the time?

Posted by danblog on April 3, 2009 in Ranting, YouTube |

I was supposed to write and post this a few days ago when it was more relevant but, its still at thing which bugged me and will come up again when YouTube next have maintenance time. So when YouTube put up their maintenance notice (shown below) in the evening on the 31st preparing to go […]

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Google… WTF?! You’re Censoring me now?

Posted by danblog on January 19, 2009 in Ranting |

Okay, I’m not happy. I was. Now I’m not. Google has removed ALL traces of my last post from their results, which is rather annoying as it was ranking nice and high for some good words, i was on the first page for the phrase “YouTube turn down the lights feature”, second page for “YouTube […]

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YouTube tries… and fails to add new features – Turn down the lights

Posted by danblog on January 17, 2009 in Ranting, Reviews, YouTube |

I was just catching up on my YouTube subscriptions and stumbled across yet another, under tested (assuming it has undergone ANY testing) “feature”. “Turn down the lights” This only seems to show on the long videos, i noticed it on a 50 minute ofcom talk (don’t ask why, but i like to keep up with the […]

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Domains, Sneezing, Shoutcast And Fever

Posted by danblog on January 11, 2009 in General stuff, Ranting, Web Hosting |

Okay so i unfortunately missed a day i have been doing a lot and yet didn’t have much to talk about. Saturday i had a bit of a lazy day, i woke up at 11… and got out of bed at 5pm! One of the reasons i love my laptop. I didn’t waste the day […]

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YouTube… When will you learn?

Posted by danblog on December 30, 2008 in Ranting |

Okay, so I’m an avid YouTube user. I go on it every day watch 10-50 videos a day and use the site a lot. BUT it sucks. And it aggravates me so much that YouTube which is owned and operated by THE biggest and richest Internet corporation (Google) in the world, STILL has a site […]

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I do too much… almost everything i am doing.

Posted by danblog on December 17, 2008 in General stuff, Humor and funny crap!, Ranting |

Did anyone else watch a program called bernards watch or something like that, basically kid has an old watch which he clicks and it stops time. I WANT ONE OF THOSE!! Not enough hours in the day… Really isnt 🙁 Christmas in just 8 days and i cant wait, not because its Christmas I’m quite […]


Dragons Den narrator needs new script writers!

Posted by danblog on September 8, 2008 in General stuff, Ranting |

I am watching dragons den on iPlayer at the moment, and i am noticing how the narrator says almost exactly the same thing every show!   “It takes a brave entrpenur to lock horns with *dragons name*” “Its all but over for *name*’s pitch” “Will *dragons name* throw them a lifeline?” “Its been an emptional […]


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