Vimeo aims to take on YouTube

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After YouTube launched its redesigned website at the beginning of December, Vimeo has now followed suit to take the battle to its famous rival.


The Google-owned YouTube site has been designed to encourage users to stay on the site for longer by promoting ‘channels’, a series of videos and clips chosen by a celebrity or user. The new site will also encourage users to share their ‘likes’ or ‘dislikes’ with their social network by integrating closely with Facebook.


Vimeo aims to take on its rival by improving the ‘discoverability’ on its site. Vimeo’s redesign, its first since 2007, has invested heavily in improving how users can find content. An enhanced newsfeed will also allow visitors to track specific words, or themes, similar to Facebook.


A key feature of the new Vimeo site is that it does not feature adverts on the video, unlike YouTube. Instead, Vimeo aims to put videos at the heart of its site reaffirming the sites original mission: ‘Vimeo was created by filmmakers and video creators who wanted to share their creative work, along with intimate personal moments of their everyday life.’

The site took Vimeo over a year to build and new employees were recruited specifically into web design jobs to help with the redesign. Marketwatch explains, ‘Vimeo rebuilt the site from the ground up using current programming languages and open web standards to deliver optimized site performance and easier, faster browsing. The cleaner code base allows for more rapid development so the team can release site updates and new features in less time’.


The website will have a battle on its hands, however, if it is going to seriously take on YouTube. The success of YouTube goes from strength to strength. Launched just 7 years ago this month, 60 hours of video is uploaded every minute to YouTube with a phenomenal four billion videos being watched every day worldwide.


Many businesses are keen to piggy back on the success of YouTube and engage its audience. From recruitment companies advertising IT jobs, to the launch of new makeup products, YouTube videos are key to many marketing campaigns.


Vimeo, however, is keen to stress its credentials as the ‘Freemium’ video sharing site and it is reluctant to being as commercial as YouTube. It remains to be seen if its more romantic approach does increase its number of views and achieve its Chief Executive’s aim of ‘meeting the needs of users both today and tomorrow’.

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Utilizing Audience Response Technology in Event Management

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In the world of business, events (such as workshops, sales meetings and training) play an important role in establishing and maintaining relationships with both employees and clients. Event technology is a vital tool in engaging an audience and delivering content in a suitable and efficient format. For many years, generic slideshows have been the application of choice, but recent advancements have seen an increase in the devices available to organisers. These devices breathe new life into events and are commonly known as audience response systems. Audience response systems open up a whole new world where the audience can participate in as well as influence a discussion.

At the start of a meeting, the audience response system devices can be used to register attendance – particularly useful for training sessions – and each person present is linked with a specific device, giving them a unique identification when collecting data. What audience response technology also enables is the ability to incorporate off-site audience members (perhaps they are based too far away from the venue to attend) so that they can contribute and get involved using online services – this alone can save time, money and reduce a company’s carbon footprint as the need to travel is eliminated.

The best event technology enables data to be collected, analysed and displayed in real time. The audience can answer multiple choice questions, vote in polls, as well as submit their own questions, comments or feedback. Questions can be answered quickly and data is collected electronically meaning greater accuracy and eliminating the need for paperwork – both being time consuming and costly.

Even after the event, data is retained to be analysed and interpreted so the organisation team can then gauge instantly how effective their presentation is and decide where it can grow and improve. Also, any unanswered questions are saved to be addressed through email or on the company website.

The benefits of audience response systems, and the use of modern event technology, far outweigh the costs ensuring a fluid and flexible discussion.




Hitler gets told about SOPA

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It didn’t take long…


A look back at 2011, before looking forward to 2012

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Last year on this day I wrote a post on the 5 things I want to do in the next year, I thought it seemed like a prime idea to take a look back and see if I actually achieved any of them and try to figure out what I want from the next year of my life.

1. Blogging and Social Media, I wanted to up my game with blogging and try to boost my social media profile and build readership.

I’d consider this a partial success, this year I launched GeekTechBlog.com which is aimed at being a Technology blog with numerous bloggers and much more focused on tech news and goings on than Dan’s Tech Blog (this one) which is often more personal.

GeekTechBlog.com has been and is a lot of fun and is growing in readership month by month to thousands of readers, gaining not only international interest from some of the exclusives we’ve been able to get, such as a hands on look at the Nokia Lumia 900 and our exclusive first interview with the new owners of TinyGrab.com. As well as attracting advertiser interest and ending the year with a few people offering to buy the blog, it’s a good start but I hope it will get so much better over the coming years.

I’d love to keep growing this blog and can see it going far, I hope I can keep building it and get more bloggers on board (if you’re interested, get in touch:- dan@geektechblog.com) with more content, more fun and hopefully more invites to those fun free bars & press events.

2. Focusing on projects, I wanted to focus more on my coding projects and sites and get more of them off the ground… This I completely failed at. In fact, I’ve added a few more on the pile of sites I need to finish. Hopefully I’ll have better luck over the coming year…

3. Learn a higher language, I wanted to learn a higher language and in particularly C# so could get into developing on the Windows Platform and developing Windows Phone 7 apps, this I have dabbled with and have started learning C with my University course and have also begun work on a Windows Phone 7 app in C# which I hope to eventually get finished, have many ideas for apps and programs I want to develop so with any luck will get some of these done over the next year and add get some solid Windows & Windows Phone development experience under my belt!

4. Get more involved in the tech scene, I wanted to dive in and meet more people, go to more events and just get myself out there on the scene a bit more. I’ve been to a few great events over the past year including the WebDevConf which was a great experience as got to see some fantastic people speak live.

Another fun little tech night was when I went to Unruly Media’s London base and made a cool little robot bug and had the opportunity to chat with a few other bloggers and the Unruly guys who create some of the kick-ass video ads on the blog.

The Imagine Cup UK Finals at Microsoft HQ also stand out as a particularly great tech event in which I met some great people in the web & tech industry, some of which have become good friends.

5. Building my business(es), as I’m sure anyone running a business hopes the next year will be better, and well it has things are moving forward and it’s great to see everything I’ve been working on growing and this past year has seen some exciting changes with hundreds of additional domain extensions now available, and hundreds yet to come as well as improving existing product lines,. It’s been a good year and I hope can continue to build on what’s been done here in 2012.

Looking forward…

Writing this I am forced to consider what I want from 2012, it’s largely the same as what I was looking for from 2011, however now that I am at university I do need to look at how that will change things, and how my perspective and aspirations have also changed with the past years events. I value things differently, and find myself being drawn towards different areas within the Web & Technology industries and I see the next year as an exciting period where things will really begin to take shape, and my career and business paths for the future will begin to really take hold, it’s going to be fun, exciting and scary. I can’t wait.

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XBOX Entertainment: TV Time!

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After rushing back on Friday to get home for Christmas I’ve had great fun checking out the Sky TV offering on the XBOX, which on a cheap £15 subscription offers some great features. With a great variety of entertainment channels, which you can watch live streamed as well as some great On Demand content. I particularly enjoyed a funny little selection of funny shorts from comedians and celebrities from Sky 1 called “Little Crackers” which was very entertaining to watch!

This seems like a great way to enjoy Sky TV without the hassle or expense of getting a Sky box or dish installed. Not to mention the massive flexibility of a monthly ticket and no need for long 12 month contracts, its great TV without the hassle.

The more I am using my XBOX with the new functionality and entertainment the more value I get. A great example of this can be shown in just the past couple of days where I have come home from University. I hang out at a friends and can simply login and bang, Sky TV, LOVEFiLM the lot. Entertainment wherever I am, it’s awesome.

As I mentioned last week when I spoke about the Movie offerings on the new XBOX 360 dashboard I am a XBOX Ambassador, I have an awesome discount code which will score all of you guys 50% off your XBOX Gold Membership for 3 monthsHow to get it? Just comment on here and/or give me a follow @dansgalaxy on Twitter and tweet at me!

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XBOX Live Entertainment: Movie Time!

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I have finally acquired a lovely new XBOX and have been having great fun enjoying the new XBOX Live Entertainment features which are packed into the new dashboard.

Before I jump into talking about the LOVEFiLM Movie app on the XBOX I’d like to mention some awesomeness, as an XBOX Ambassador, I have a rather discount code which will score all my readers 50% off your XBOX Gold Membership for 3 months. How to get it? Just comment on here and/or give me a follow on Twitter and send me a tweet.

A particular one that really tickles my fancy as a movie addict is LOVEFiLM which offers a great movie experience, particularly when coupled with the ridiculously cool voice control. I find myself constantly feeling like I’m in the future where I can effortlessly shout things at my XBOX and it responds accordingly.

The voice control is truly impressive, I find it just incredible that I can sit in bed and select a movie, play it and then control all aspects of movie play without even picking up a remote control. That’s just cool.

There is only one nagging point which is a little annoying with the LOVEFiLM app as well as the other apps on XBOX is that it seems search functions, such as searching for specific films on LOVEFiLM requires hand gestures or the game-pad controller to select the letters and doesn’t support voice search, this is something I am really hoping will be possible in the next upgrade and will be the cherry on top of a beautiful cake (which isn’t a lie).

I’ve already watched quite a few movies on the XBOX and had a great movie night with some friends and watched the awesome Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy which proved great fun, and voice commands quickly became a competition as to who could shout at my XBOX the loudest… Voice control is good, but it doesn’t like 5 people telling it to do things!

Overall this provides an awesome movie experience from your XBOX, with fantastic quality streaming with no buffering it’s a great addition to the XBOX.

So, what do you like about the new XBOX dashboard? Have you tried LOVEFiLM on the XBOX 360? Drop a comment below!

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XBOX Live Entertainment just got Awesome

Posted by danblog on December 9, 2011 in Cool Tech, Microsoft, Windows Phone, XBOX 360 |

On 6th December, Microsoft announced the new XBOX 360 Dashboard launched and brought with a whole new host of improvements and entertainment features to make the XBOX 360 a far more varied and rounded entertainment console. XBOX isn’t just for geeky gamers any more.

Companion App:

One of the biggest talking points of the announcements is the release of the Windows Phone Companion App which enables full control of your XBOX entertainment experience.

The app includes full Search powered by Bing; enabling you to search the unified XBOX catalog for movies, TV shows, music, games and apps all from the Windows Phone.

But of course, just search is boring you can also fully control your XBOX console using the app. With the ability to launch movies, TV shows, music and games straight from the palm of your hand and then control them.

Additionally the app can act as a “second screen” with details about the media you’re watching and enabling you to be interact with friends using the many social tools.

Better yet, you don’t even have to be at home. You can purchase games, TV shows and movies on the go and they’ll download straight to you console ready for when you get home!


The Future of TV:

XBOX is working with a huge variety of media partners including Sky TV, 4oD, LoveFilm, YouTube, Last.FM, Facebook and many more to bring a much wider selection of entertainment options to your screen and making the XBOX a fully featured home entertainment system, and there’s so much more to come.

You can checkout more about the new offerings

I am one of the lucky few who’s been selected as an XBOX Live Ambassador and over the next few weeks I’ll be delving into many of the new entertainment features in detail and providing you with an in-depth look at the new entertainment features available now, so watch this space and of course comment and tweet @dansgalaxy with what you think of the new entertainment features!

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Alex James & Into by Windows Phone

Posted by danblog on December 8, 2011 in Cool Tech, Microsoft, Windows Phone |

Alex James the Creative Director of the new Social Rewards program “into” where you can win some fantastic rewards  for doing simple everyday  activities.

All you need to do is like the Into App on Facebook, or download the Into Mobile phone App for Windows phone and start sharing!


I’m also going to be talking about the new XBOX Entertainment features, but first I need you guys to complete a short simple survey – (http://survey.euro.confirmit.com/wix/p827409305.aspx?source=6)

I’ll be extremely grateful to all of you who complete this as it will really help! Many Thanks Dan.


Sesame Street recording for TomTom GPS – behind the scenes

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Pretty funny sketch with Bert and Ernie recording his voice for TomTom – well worth a quick watch and a laugh!



Unruly Tech Night – Mini Robot Workshop

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On October 19th I headed off to London for a Tech night with Unruly Media, one of the advertising distributors I work with to bring some of the funkier ads to the blog.

I love attending any tech event and particularly love meeting people I work with online and it was a great opportunity to meet some of the Unruly guys and gals over some beers and nibbles before the main event – Building a cool bug!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything remotely arts ‘n’ crafts like, so was different… NOTE: hot glue guns are rather hot. Particularly when you get the hot glue all over your fingers…. OUCH!

After a lot of fiddling and fun I finally made my awesome little bug.

Was great fun and certainly different evening, and I now have a cool little bug bot on my desk… shame he lost a leg on the train home… need to find some glue!

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