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Posted by danblog on September 10, 2007 in Ranting |

Hey, i was trying to think of something to write about, and then a conversation i had with a American a while ago, which to say the least was scary!

This guy was talking, and i wasnt really listening an then he starts asking me about Britain, it’s politics and all that.

He moved on to asking some ridiculous questions like “Do you have freedom of speech in the UK?” and “Are you free to choose your religion?”

I am seriously hoping i have met a freak (talking in statistical terms) with regards to Americans, or do ALL Americans believe they are the only nation with freedoms?

Of course i would point out that it’s because of the now non-existant control alot of their goverments etc was set up.

He then went on about how great it is that they have Gun Rights, to which is was shocked to know i was not educated about why in the US they have the rights to guns, so he kindly explained (not that i particularly wanted to know or cared) about how because the British Red coats invaded, and would thieve and rob them, so a Act was made which gave Americans the rights to guns so “we could shoot back”.

I must say how much this guy scared me about how unworldly he seemed to be, it was quite unnerving as they claim to be one of the world’s biggest super powers, i was talking to a guy who was in a place to vote on a goverment who could nuke any given country at a moments notice. And he didn’t know the UK has basic human rights…

Of course being the unworldly and aparently small minded American sterotype he obviously is his next important question would be “but how do you hunt?” after learning how in the UK we dont allow every Tom, Dick, Harry, Fred, Uncle Sam, and the pet gerbil own a gun, and only Armed police carry guns (hence “Armed” :p ).  He seem flummoxed when i informed him that the vast majority of the british population simply do not hunt, dare i guess what he thought when i told him the Fox hunting was banned a while ago too?

Unfortunatly i don’t have the chat log or any telemarketing leads.

Anyways, if anyone has any ideas on what i can blog about feel free to drop me a line 🙂 on the contact page or jsut leave a comment, or even better sign up! 😀

Dan 😀


  • Forrest says:

    Most of us aren’t that ignorant. A few are proud to be, and they’re really loud, but they’re few and far between. They’re just really loud. And annoying enough to give the rest of us a bad name.

    Technically, the gun rights are so we can shoot lawyers in the face, and then say we thought they were a bird. Well, not we … only one person is allowed to do that.

  • Dan says:

    I know all americans are not this ignarant, it was just amazing the way this guy was, it was the kind of sterotype that all english people do is drink tea and scones on the front lawn.

    I hope the guy who this was about didnt see this and get offended – he is a WMT member :p

    Dan 🙂

  • Forrest says:

    Well, they do try pretty hard to make us believe we’re the only place on Earth with freedoms, and if not that, the best. I’m sure all countries have a bit of that, but some people really take it to the extreme without stopping to think.

    “This is the best place on Earth because I was born here.”

  • Dan says:

    I mean i have to say that im quite proud to be british, i mean i would hope im more worldly than he was but, i think Britain as a nation has had and does quite a bit effect on the world…

    At one point we did control 2/3 of it! Lol.

    … but then they gave it back :p …

    But i think we have alot of freedoms.

    But i know which countries have limited freedoms and which dont…

    Then again Britain is the best place on earth! XD – kiddin i know wales is… :p

    Dan 🙂

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