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Okay, now a lot of people especially “enthusiasts” have warned me off of Vista, and i have had a few suggest the best thing i should do would be to delete Vista and go to Linux. While i am a “enthusiast” i still am (unfortunately) still clueless with Linux and am, okay i guess i can say it, I’m a Windows person!

I have upgraded from Windows XP Professional (SP2) to Vista Ultimate, and have to say i have yet to have any major problems what so ever, I was expecting to not like Vista, or at least find it so amazingly terrible to use i would think O’well its not worth it and continue with my XP Pro. But i didn’t, and now i have fully upgraded and no longer have any other Windows version installed.

Vista is a much smoother user expeience and has incorporated many features and software which usually would require seperate software, such as speach reconition. After trying out the speach reconition i had to decide it should be a area MS should improve on for Vienna…

Vista seems to recover much faster and much more gracefully from Non-Responsive programs, Vista gives the choice to wait for it to sort itself out while you can still go about your business of close it down; And when you do have to close the program i often found with XP it took it’s good time to actually close where-as Vista (usually) closes it with out problem.


Now we all know how windows is infamous for its drivers, “I brought the game pad it had a windows disc, Mac simply doesn’t need it” we’ll i hope I’m not jinxing it by saying it seems that Microsoft have finally got off the backsides and have made this not a problem. I have yet to install a driver on my PC where as if i was to install XP fresh i know by now i would have installed a minimum of at least 8 for all my mother board devices and externals, Vista now handles drivers discreetly and with its management system you can easily select which drivers you wish to upgrade, without the operating system nagging you.


One of the major reasons i first kept XP installed as dual  boot was after reading quite a bit i thought i would be “better safe than sorry” if i have a program which i can’t install, however i have yet to come across this problem, and when/if i do i know i should still be able to successfully run it using backward compatibility –  the same which XP had so you could run as 95/98 etc…

However one problem with compatibility i used to use McAfee security, which Vista is not compatible with, and i am told Norton is the security of choice as it works with Vista new Defender.

Vista security centre is supposed to be the most secure ever, and it seems to live up to its name till now, i have yet to bother to actually install any external security – i should really get round to it.

Yes it is a fact.  Vista is designed to be flashy! Vista has to be one of the most Visually appealing Operating Systems on the market. Many have pointed out the rather blatant truth that it appears a hell of a lot of the design ideas have been “borrowed” from the Mac OS X with a few sutler differences… Mac has Widgets…. Vista they called them Gadgets… how clever im sure no one will know.

One of the nicer visual elements of Vista i have noticed is the live views of windows, when you over over a tab in the task-bar it shows a little box of that window, in real time video and all. This also extends to the new flashy window changer (WIN KEY + TAB) which enables users to flick through their windows which i personally LOVE i think it is a fantastic new feature which is very useful, especially as i have Dual screen – (not that I’m boasting)

 Now for some of the bad bits, Vista has some security feature where if you have a higher IQ than a teaspoon start to get annoying after about 1.3 minutes of using the system. The system has a handy feature to request permission to preform Administrative tasks and feature which almost all “Power Users” will use daily if not more. Simple things like viewing all users processes in the Task Manager needs a multiple choice survey. After a couple of days i found you can end up screaming at a screen because every other mouse click seems to need written permission and a doctors note.

However today in-fact i have been tweaking my system and have removed these pests from my account and can now use it uninterrupted.

I have posted a tutorial on how to disable the UAC.

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