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My Projects: CALM Website

Posted by danblog on February 9, 2008 in Projects |

Okay so heres some info and details about all the projects/sites/scripts im currently working on, and if anyone feels they could help or give any advice for some or feedback please feel free 😉

 Obviously the first one i mention has to be one of the biggest –

CALM Charity’s Website:

Now while you might not notice at first how much is in this site as theres alot which isnt blatantly obvious, and for those of you who are reading this and dont have a medium-high knowledge of how PHP works, you might not get why some it has taken so long.

 I have been working on this site now since about May last year, since then (and long before) its had quite a few designs, the originals where UNBEARABLE to look at, but the final design which i have ended up with was originally created by Nick at SmarterWeb design, who came up with a initial design, which has been worked on, with the help of a friend, Dan (whymdesign.co.uk) who helped fix up alot of the CSS issues and bugs to get the design looking a little neater and much more cross browser compatible.

So i have ended up with this in my opinion (feel free to tell me yours either via the contact form on the calm site of the comment box below) a very nice design which suits the purpose well, as far as i can tell is completely cross browser compatible.

 The site is i would like to think a CMS, or at least it will be! The site has a full login system with user “ranks” or privleges levels:- Admin, Committee, Families, Users, Banned.

My aims for this site is to build a flexible CMS (or CALM CMS) which:

  • Is easily modularised, so can be easily extended
  • Themes can be easily created, and edited.
  • Full file managment system – with rename, edit, permission changer, delete and upload features.
  • Full user accounts and user managment system.
  • Maintenace tools, such as Database back up, database optimisation and repair features

As well as the above the CALM CMS will have control settings to control as much of the website as possible through the administration panel.

 So far i have achieved alot of the above, such as the User system, maintenace tools and a large amount of the file management system; as well as other parts.

On top of the above i am also developing a SHOP system for this site and will expand this to so it can be easily controled through the administration panel, where as at the moment it must be dont through direct PMA control.

 I hope to be able to continue with this to be able to create a very advance CMS which will enable the Charity and hopefully other small charities in the future to be able to provide a good looking, and easy to control website to provide their families, and the general public which much more infomation much more easily without paying someone or having someone within the charity with advanced knowledge in web development.

 I will finish this very long post here, but there is much more i have to say and will eventually get round to making some nice little tutorials for some of the many aspects and scripts used within the site.

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