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Channel 4: On Demand (4od)

Posted by danblog on February 17, 2008 in Tv/Video/Music Talk |

Well people all over the internet seem to be saying this, its O.K but it sucks.

DRM is a horrible thing, and i have to agree with what i have seen which seems to be that these things like iplayer and 4od will only cause people to more and more use ILLEGAL download systems because of the limitations the DRM puts on the files, i have to shut down KService.exe to be able to even rename the files.

And of course i am not having the files expireing, were as if i had downloaded them from a major download network limwire or emule maybe, the files would be the same (if not better) quality and would be free from restrictions and from what i have experience so far probably would download alot faster.

Aside from the intentional restrictions Channel 4 puts on the files, we have the crappy software.

Firstly dont be fooled the 4od is nothing more than a simple program which opens a webpage. (i have used the webpage through IE) thats all it does.

so far i have had major problems, if i decide i need to close the software, i then have to completely reboot my system to be able to get the software to load, and they only way i have it working is to have it in the startup which is hugly irritating as i myself want my PC to start and be fully booted ASAP! and not have to wait for 4od and iplayer to load as well on the off chance i need to use them.

 Also unlike iplayer 4od requires you to have software downloaded which is very annouying and a pain in the ass.

Okay rant over, comparision time.

for design i think the BBC website for iPlayer is much better and smoother, but i think for plain usability 4od is a little bit better but could still use improvment like when you click to download or book a program instead of then going back to the “home” page it redirects to the last page you were on, as when i wanted to download a whole series i had to go through one at a time, and click, download… okay… yes im 16… o right i have to enter password… my download page right okay … search… select the right series…. right…. o bugger what episode do i need next?!

 Very annouying.

 Basically, both are a good start, but they really need to invest and get their own software written by some pro’s because the kservice/khost base which BOTH iplayer and 4od use doesnt seem to be very stable.

So come on guys, we expect more, blow some of that piggy bank on some high uality programmers, get some amazingly smooth software done which is usable, doesnt eat a large percentage of your processor and ram and well.. Just Works!… Also ditch the DRM it’s not a good idea, really its just making more people who wouldnt usually download who might have a google about how to make that file they downloaded last week work becuase now it wont, and they find someone (like me maybe) saying whats to blame and that a normal p2p software would be so much better and easier and you have a whole ton more people downloading.

Also it seems 4od has quite realised that at least the users who have a clue about PC’s would want to know that the kservice and khost IS like a normal p2p software and they are being connected to other people to share these files.

 So come one get sorted.

 Also something which i really hope we can see sometime soon is a ALL in one P2p i know there are ones out there where you can connect to multiple networks, but if you could get the BBC iplayer and 4od programs into this so it all worked together would be just fantastic.

But im sure the idea of channel 4 and bbc and hey maybe even itv all working together like this is just well unthinkable, i mean companies working together for the comman good… no.

I will be signing off here.

 Night all.

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