People SUCK sometimes. Lifes moving on…

Posted by danblog on June 19, 2008 in General stuff |

Okay, so does anyone else sometimes just get to a point where they look around and go: “Man everybody SUCKS!” I got to that point a few days ago, horrible day horrible flu, had a radio show i do and the guy i do it with decided to tell me in the morning he didn’t want to do it anymore…

And you can’t help thinking, wow people SUCK, is no one dependable?

I now only have one exam left, which is tomorrow morning at 9am and I will have done everything for my secondary school and would have completely left.. a free agent until enrollment at college at least, and im left now realising how we have been off for a few weeks all the people which you always see at school at lunch and say hi to in the corridor, and realise you haven’t seen them for weeks, and you kind get that 🙁 feeling, I am now both excited and dreading college in September, most of the people i like and call friends are going to the same as me – New College, so that’s good but there are still a few which its nice to talk to every now and then which are not, and of course there are a lot of “people” which thankfully are NOT gong to same college as far as i know and i hope to escape them! yay!

But deep down i know… there will be more at college 🙁

So far i am signed up to be doing a BTEC Computing (programming and development) course which will get me 3 A levels, which is a huge two year course which i cant wait to do, love computers and hopefully (HA!) it will be easy 🙂 i seem to be a fast learning with computers and i hope to be able to develop my programming even further.

I am also signed up to do.. French GCSE… and i have no clue why. i don’t really know any french.. just fancied learning it so i think I’m probably going to be changing it to something like Media as i have recently realised how much i want to get into it, mainly through my involvement with Swindon 105.5 a local radio station, and i would really like to get much more involved with the tech side as well.

The reason i say i am also dreading going to college is not because i think i will find it hard or anything like that, it is just with the spare time i have realised how much i have been able to get done online and i am going to miss that, i am hoping to be able to get all my sites full functioning and running well for September, to make it nice and easy to manage, i have been working quite hard on my hosting and web services business and website, and have also bitten the bullet and brought a decent control panel which is costing me a nice sum a month, and i am still making a healthy loss of almost 600% of my monthly earnings 🙂 so its looking up! lol.

So basically i think life is getting a little better, all i need to do is get a job to get some real money!

Have fun all, This is Dan signing off for the night!

Dan. 🙂

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