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Okay so i got an interesting email today, so i been away for a few days in Portsmouth visiting nan and others… anyway come back to what a expected… ton of emails 🙂 fun…

And included this one, now i not going to post a name or anything because, Well i’m not going to be mean and start hating at this guy…

His email:

You f**king c***, thinking you know all this and that about computing, thinking you’re a PHP programmer, thinking you’re amazing at everything. Guess what? No, you’re not. You’re a fat f**k with no life who sits at his computer all day trying to do something that he has no idea about, finding PHP applications online, and then changing a few lines of code a bit, editing the copyright comments in the code and then claiming them as your own.

I’ve seen better websites designed by a 10 year old using a Microsoft Desktop Publisher, your hosting site is a rip off, especially on your VPS plans.

Get a f**king life you little faggot, go out and maybe you wont be so f**king fat you stupid little c***.

Okay so as you can see i stared out most of the swearing because well i dont want it on my blog.
So i decided i would try and find out what i have done, if anything, to cause this obviously kind gentelmen to feel this way towards me, i think i managed to remain out of the brown stuff and didnt lower myself at all 🙂
My Reply…
Dear Mr. **************,
I am terribly sorry you feel this way, although admittedly I’m not sure why you seem to so passionately despise me when I do not know you personally.
I would like to state I have never taken existing scripts and re-written or altered scripts and passed them off as my own, the few clients I have done PHP work for to my knowledge are pleased with the final product and are fully aware of everything within the script.
With regards to any website design, I have never claimed ANY skill in that area, and all of my live websites have either existing (free) templates or was designed by someone else and altered by myself to suit my needs better, for instance my Web Hosting site, was designed my a friend and I have merely changed it and tweaked it.
With regards to my VPS packages this is how I make money from hosting, you could note, i will be adding US VPS servers soon which should be slightly cheaper as costs are less when using US based servers compared to UK.
If you have any further comments or questions I would be more than happy to hear them.
Dan Rodgers
Your Friendly ever so slightly stodgy PHP scripter! 😉
Just thought i would ask if anyone can think of what i did to cause this? :s
Comments welcome 🙂


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