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Did anyone else watch a program called bernards watch or something like that, basically kid has an old watch which he clicks and it stops time. I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!

Not enough hours in the day… Really isnt 🙁

Christmas in just 8 days and i cant wait, not because its Christmas I’m quite cynical now and about the only thing i like about Christmas is the music.. well the older Christmas songs cant beat 70/80’s Xmas rock! (Give me Slade – Merry Xmas everybody!  any day!) and of course its nice to get something, this year I’m getting a laptop, and no I’m not spoilt, i had to pay half towards it; I having a laptop (which is just as good if not better than my desktop which is pretty good compared to most!) will help boost me as a blogger and vlogger.

As i have mentioned before i will be launching the Five Awesome Web Geeks Channel on YouTube in new year, which currently consists of myself, one of my best friends Hayley, another great friend Cal who’s a little strange but hey your reading my blog so you might like him! another friend Mike who i have known online for a while now and who if im honest is probably a head of me in some of the ways of the geek. I am sure the more astute readers will have spotted that there’s currently only 4 web geeks in the Five Awesome Web Geeks… and well to be honest I’m kinda regretting restricting myself to 5 but that’s the aim at least, if we cant pick up another geek before new years hopefully we can get some after we started making some videos 🙂

New word press?

Woah, I’m shocked i have to admit i am writing this in word press version 2.7 and woah the admin is SOO different, cant decide if i like it or not, the menus seem both cool but also rather annoying something seem easier some seem a pain, and they have chosen to go with a almost all grey colours, and it looks rather boring and white washed.

Any thoughts on the new wordpress please do pop them below, same if you fancy being a geek!

Now of course another burden i have at the moment is college, lots and lots of work, some is well easy because i know what im talking about and other stuff… well that just does my head in, and often it seems its not that i “don’t get it” its just i don’t understand what I’m getting… yea that makes no sense to me either… going to have great fun Wednesday (well today by the time i post as I’m offline now so this will be posted when i wake up!) as going to see tutor and see if he can point me in right direction and knock some more out before the deadline… 5pm 😐

One thing which is also quite frustrating if i am honest is, everyone keeps saying how on the Internet your unique and no one knows you, but it seems i have got to the point where that simply isn’t true, everyone i know both online and off know my handle (dansgalaxy) and can all quite easily find this blog, so i always feel i can never “let rip” and bitch about people (and believe me i could!) but i know if i do eventually someone will read it, and it will either be the person I’m ranting about or its someone who knows them… and i have heard a few stories of people blogging things, and it didn’t work out for them because of well… the kind of people they (and i would) rant about on a blog!!

This is another thing (o god yep… i have just started going into a rant… sorry guys might take a while but do read i can be amusing when i rant.. so i am told) there are loooads of people which just frustrate me at the moment, and its bugging me because i cant help thinking, if these people would drop the bull and open up, be honest and try and help people understand instead of being defensive, controlling, and well ignorant and foolish the world would be a much better place, but i am learning fast this is not the case, and im sure i will have the mis-fortune of coming into contact with a lot of people like this (particularly management types)…

But no, this is not it this is not everything i am doing! there’s more!

Of course i am still running XDnet Web Services (Xdnet.co.uk) where I’m selling a range of products, and will hopefully be trying to sell more of my design & web coding skills, as i need the money to try and get some saved for driving lessons… and who knows eventually i might be able to afford to go to university without someone having to die first, or for me to be in 20 thousand pound of debt by 25.

Driving, well this has been something i have been off and on about a lot, one minute i am thinking no i will wait no point, once i have money i will get it and then of course i think of all the fun i can have with a car and being able to go pretty much anywhere i like… o the fun 😉 but now i think i have changed my mind (again!) and will be trying to save and start getting some lessons after my birthday and maybe eventually i can afford to get the car… and insurance… and tax and everything else which is needed to run a car.

Projects, as i have mentioned a lot on this blog, i am always doing a lot of different projects, i will be doing a NewCollege project after new year which will be a training booking program thingy for tutors, which could be interesting although… we shall see.

I also need to find a heck of a lot of time to revisit the Calm Charity website as i need to give that another overhaul and add a lot more to that, as really i need to bring it all up to a decent CMS which i can enable the other committee members to use and update content and hopefully take some of the burden off moi, but again not enough time!

And then there’s my newest potential venture, while i don’t really want to talk in detail about exactly what it is for various reasons, it will be a lot of work, and if we can get it right it could be big, and hopefully make a nice profit. So i will be working on this company with couple of friends and often very random people – Johnny Robinson (Jonks) – who i have been known to say is “a stoner with out the dope” but in a good way of course, he is one of those interesting people who comes out with weird and wacky ideas, but can be great fun to chat to, and the third person is Rich who while can be equally “interesting” is a little more subtle the Jonks, and often has a wicked sarcasm. So that could be fun if i can help get this project off the ground tech wise.

Stand Up comedy for comic relief!

That’s right, and no I’m not doing a stand up… at the moment although its still possible, i might be preforming a sketch idea me and my mate Tom came up with in the good ole’ days in Greendown, God and Allah or a version of that at least, think Mac Parody with religion and some wicked humor. but back on topic, i will hopefully be head tech organising his comedy event where Cal who is will be sorting out the funny, and who’s idea this was will be performing with others some stand up comedy in aid of Comic Relief, so far i believe we have Newcollege, Cirencester College, Highworth School, The Swindon Arts centre and probably a few more in swindon booked to take this event around swindon and raise some cash! I plan to also be streaming and recording the event(s) and getting them online and possibly selling DVD’s after so its all fun, and have the full backing of the Newcollege principal and i need to be talking to John the tech guy at newcollege today so great fun 🙂

And me being… me there’s much more but most of that I’m not gonna tell you! or indeed there’s a lot i wont even tell my best friends… not yet at least keep them waiting…

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