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Okay first off, YAY Christmas… well not yay, it kinda sucks if i am honest, its cold boring and you have to put up with family members you don’t really like. But still, i got my nice new laptop which i am currently typing on in bed.. so i am quite happy with that 🙂


Okay so my plan was, get laptop, install software start making Internet videos… But alas no… i get laptop i install software i click record i do a little dance, i click stop i click done i go… What f’ing read error?!! .. it seems (even after 3 re-installs) the software doesn’t like me and doesn’t want to save my recording, which is a little bit of a pain i have to admit =/

Okay, the above was done in bed, its the afternoon now, and the web cam problem is really annoyed me 🙁 I having a look and even the movie software which came with the laptop (vaio movie story) doesn’t recognise the built in motion eye cam, and neither does windows movie maker… although i did just come across Web Cam companion2 which was able to record and save without throwing up errors… and now as i type i have just discovered all the failed recording DID save in my documents :/ very strange… so it turns out i can record but i have to put up with the capture program giving errors and crashing, and then have to manually import the files into the software to be edited? Wow doesn’t that sound like an efficient piece of software…

Also been some debating about the name of the new geek channel, and exactly how it will work, i first registered fiveawesomewebgeeks because the whole five awesome… was pretty cool and unfortunately some douche has registered fiveawesomegeeks and the account has been deleted and i still couldn’t register the name… So the other day while thinking up cool YouTube channel names (notice how i use the term “cool”  loosely) and i now registered awesomegeeks, awesomewebgeeks, 5awesomewebgeeks so hopefully we will be on one of those channels in the new year! so watch this space.

Also on the note of the Five Awesome Web Geeks (5awg) i think i might have found the 5th geek so *yay* but i guess we shall see, so there are 3 days left to new year and i guess i should start dishing out the login details, and crossing my fingers and hoping the guys who said they would make videos… actually do make videos lol all fun 🙂 i think Hayley, Lew (the new guy) and I will probably be the main people, particularly as Lew (http://uk.youtube.com/user/papplemanger) seems to already be into making some weird and wacky videos… so yay cant wait.

I also ordered Alan (from five awesome guys) YouTube book from amazon, which i should be getting between Jan 5th and 9th.

So go check it out – http://youtube.com/fiveawesomewebgeeks


 Hmm okay, so i have mentioned before i am involved with a local community radio station, and i keep changing my mind about where i think its going; one minute I’m thinking ah this is futile give in and get on with all the other awesome projects im working on, and then again i think no this could be a lot of fun given the chance just a shame that some illogical people are … yea im gonna choose not to finish this sentence.

But yes, i am writing a long wordy email to the station manager, see if anything changes and it starts to be worth my time, as at the moment it isn’t, and I’m not doing what i was told i would be doing in the beginning… and i really don’t like feeling like i have been lied to… So i have decided, i will finish this email, and send it off, if things change and i get to do more of what i love then we are all happy they get to use my array of skills and i get to have a bit of fun, if not i guess i will be making more Internet videos and working on my other projects… yea the ones which will probs make me some money in the end! lol


Hmm just started watching the five awesome teens on YouTube… hmm looks fun now watching them from the beginning lol.

I really should be blogging and vlogging more now i have my laptop, i uploaded 3 videos i did with hayley the other day so check it out -> http://youtube.com/dansgalaxy


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