OVH Technical Support is bad and worthless.

Posted by danblog on September 10, 2009 in Ranting, Reviews, Web Hosting |

I run a small web hosting company, and work with multiple data centres and software suppliers etc to deliver my products, one of which is OVH.

Been using a server with them for almost 4/5 months now and, while the server seems fine the technical support is terrible.

A month or so ago i added an extra 10GB network storage to the RPS which now found I don’t need, so hey why not save a few quid a month and ditch it right? … No…

I called them up to ask about getting it removed before i renewed the service and paid the last invoice, something I consider to be reasonable, expected a few minutes on the phone and it to be done, however apparently they can’t do downgrades…

And if i wanted to downgrade i should have done it within the first 7 days… and I agreed to it… sorry… what?!

For me to get an RPS server without the unneeded extra disk space I will have to order a NEW RPS and migrate everything over to the new one, now while I can move 1 of the 2 IPs on my current RPS over I would be unable to move the main one… the one I and my customers use for everything.

Now it is my understanding that the process of changing disk space allowance is simple, if i request a upgrade the system puts it through a tech sits there types in the commands to the network storage node and allows me more disk space. So logic dictates that the exact same system should work in reverse, they remove 10GB – end of.

I have now been forced to renew the service, and pay the extra few quid for unneeded, unwanted additional diskspace so as not to have to 1, loose an IP which is in use on multiple websites by many clients. 2, take a server which has been stable and online with NO issues for over 2 months offline disrupting many streams which support radio stations from bedroom operations to large commercial stations, dependant on them.

Not only did I find the outcome dis-satisfactory but also the technical support person on the phone was also, rude and unhelpful add on top of that he sounded like he was half asleep and mumbling does not equal good customer satisfaction.

When the person first answered, and I explained the issue, he mumbled about me emailing instead, to which I tend to think – Hell no, I’m paying for a service and you have phone support to get off your lazy arse and do it instead of trying to pass it off and delay me getting the information i need for another 12 hours – after I replied with “sorry? what.” he mumbles nevermind and spouts the spiel about how if i want a refund – which i don’t – it has to be done within 7 days of purchase. It appears OVH have no understanding that when your purchase addons etc you purchase them as a monthly product, as you do their servers, you pay for them on a monthly basis, and not as a buy and get locked in product, each item i pay for is monthly, and i should have the freedom to discontinue these monthly addons at will – WITHOUT having to completely reorder my server.

I can only conclude from my current experience with OVH is do not use them unless you are VERY experienced with servers, and require NO support with your products.

DO not use them if you are an end consumer, instead try a host which works with users – try XDnet Web Services


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