You do know what BRB means right?

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brbBRB: the modern, hip and lazy way of saying Be Right Back. A phrase (or acronym of a phrase) to be used when you are happily talking to someone and just need to nip out or have to quickly do something and won’t be able to talk to them for a few minutes, perhaps you needed to use the toilet, or make yourself a cuppa? – Mine is a milky tea with 1 and half sugars for future reference.

I often wonder if people don’t actually understand the meaning of this, to be right back – at least to my mind – gives a very clear message. I have something I need to do quickly and I will be back talking to you in a moment.

Some people seem to have different ideas, which can be a little irritating when talking to them; particularly the people who seem to have no concept of respect in a conversation. Those who say “BRB” and then a few seconds later go offline, so you think hmm ok fair enough they probably had to restart Windows Live Messenger or something right? I’m sure they will be back in a few minutes and can continue that interesting discussion about the difference between McDonalds and Burger king straws or indeed whichever interesting topic was gripping the moment. You then realise perhaps 15, 20 maybe even 45minutes later that they really didn’t mean BRB. What your buddy actually meant was I have no respect for you and I’m just going to log off and not even say bye. Well thanks, nice to know imagesyou care.

Don’t get me wrong I understand people are busy and have things to do, and sometimes I can talk about stuff which really isn’t that interesting, but if I bore you why not change the subject? Why don’t you contribute something? Or if it really is needed that you just can’t put up with me rambling on, just say you have to leave, make your excuses and say goodbye. Is that so hard?

It’s simply common courtesy, if I am making the time to talk to you chances are I to some extent care about you so please, just be nice let me know if you aren’t going to be replying for a little while… I can deal, you have a life, just please. Don’t waste mine waiting for you!

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