Mobile Internet on the move: Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop?

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Having access to the Internet is no longer just a luxury but has very quickly become an essential part of our culture and lifestyle, from simply keeping in touch with Friends and Family via email, chat and Facebook to those needing access to their information – financial, political or what have you – on a real time basis. With apps like Twitter and micro bloggers around the world, more often than not, “breaking news” is released by amateurs instead of professionals who just happen to be in the right place at the right time. However, choosing how you get online and connected is still something of a question, as depending upon your needs, each of the methods – Smartphone, Tablet PC or Laptop – have advantages and disadvantages.


The smallest in form factor and screen size, the Smartphone is suitable for those needing access to the Internet on an ad-hoc basis. Depending upon how often you are planning on accessing the Net and what you are planning on doing there – these types of devices might meet your needs completely as they have many app’s that tend to simplify the interface between some of the more common websites (Facebook, Twitter etc…) and the user. Choosing the right Smartphone however is almost as difficult as choosing between Smartphones, Tablet PC or Laptops. With so many different companies, price plans and devices to choose from, your choice is next to impossible unless you utilize a comparison website such as Mobile Phone Genie. Smartphones generally access the Mobile Broadband network through the SIM card that you obtain when first purchasing the device.

Tablet PC

The newest option and one that straddles the fence between Smartphones and Laptops is the Tablet PC. Generally found in sizes from 7” to 10”, Tablet PCs and Smartphones share the same operating system and apps meaning that what will work on one will work on the other. However with an increase in screen size also comes an increase in processing power and storage capacity versus a Smartphone and as such you can do quite a bit more on these devices. In addition casual browsing of the Internet with a micro SIM card and data plan is quite a bit easier, simply because you can see everything that you need to without having to pinch your screen!


The third part of the triumvirate is the laptop. Depending upon your needs this might be the best option yet, with screen sizes ranging from 10” to 15” (larger screen sizes do exist, but these units are generally considered Desktop replacements as their increased weight makes them a bit too bulky to carry around easily), significantly greater storage capacity and processing power. Laptops are able to access the Mobile Broadband network through the use of a USB dongle. Similar to Tablet PCs you can purchase this on a Pay as You Go (PAYG) basis or on a monthly contract and if you happen to be in the market for both a Smartphone and a Laptop than your luck is really in as quite a few different phone providers will provide you with a free laptop with the purchase of a new monthly phone contract.

About the author: Hutch Morzaria writes on behalf of Mobile Phone Genie, the independent comparison website for mobile phones.

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  • Dnmexpressouriers says:

    I have a small courier buisness and I use my laptop with adongle which is on the three network to check emails and to find work and emal nvoices etc whilst on he road. I want to buy a tablet which is the best on the market for me.

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